“Person-Centered” Defined

“For persons with disabilities, the journey to full community participation has been a long one that can be described as a work in progress. The movement away from the perspective of care and protection to expectation and involvement of persons with disabilities in planning for their future is reflected in the growing use of person-centered planning strategies.” (Kiernan, 1996)

A  person-centered approach is one that recognizes the importance of individual input in determining desired work and lifestyle choices – including community participation, social relationships, living with dignity, and the ongoing development of personal competencies.

In practical, daily application at PRIDE Industries, person-centered planning supports people with disabilities by identifying individual preferences and interests before beginning a plan for job training or development. This determination of preferences is the foundation upon which individualized plans are built with the support of counselors, case managers and  job coaches.

PRIDE recognizes that each individual’s potential is unlimited and each person’s dreams and goals are unique. Once identified, we work together toward them. Individual approaches based on individual hopes and preferences. This is the person-centered approach at PRIDE.