Independence Celebrated

Every July we celebrate or nation’s independence – a good time to highlight PRIDE Industries’ programs and services enabling increased independence for people with disabilities. Our profile of Leotta is a great example.

Leotta has been diagnosed with mild retardation (MR.) She has worked for PRIDE Industries since 1996 and is employed at Beale Air Force Base where she works in the Food Service Division.

Leotta has accessed numerous programs and services which supported her ability to be employed and to live independently.

When she began working for Beale, she relied on Alta Regional Center to provide her transportation to and from work. With support from PRIDE’s Independent Living Services (ILS), Leotta gained her driver’s license and purchased a vehicle with her own earnings.

After the loss of her husband in 2006, Leotta again utilized PRIDE’s ILS services so she could live independently. PRIDE helped her to find a roommate, a local doctor, and help for managing her finances. Today, she lives completely independently and proudly receives no public assistance.

PRIDE Industries has over 40 years of experience in providing comprehensive life and vocational skills to people with all types of disabilities. PRIDE’s Independent Living Services adopts an individualized approach, providing assessments or needs and interests, tailoring a program of one-on-one training and development with an Independent Living Skills Instructor, and providing on-going follow up to ensure success.

You can help support PRIDE’s Independent Living Skills program through the PRIDE Foundation. PRIDE Foundation is responsible for raising and monitoring the use of charitable gifts for the benefit of PRIDE Industries, as well as reporting the impact of donors’ investment in PRIDE’s mission. Importantly, 100 percent of your gift to PRIDE Foundation is used as you deterimine, as PRIDE Foundation’s expenses are paid through a special grant.

For more information on PRIDE Foundation programs, visit us here.