Seeing through a different lens

Here’s an NPR series worth sharing with others. It is called “The Human Edge” which, yesterday, provided a view into the unique perspective of one student with Autism.

Lisa Daxer, 27, is a biomedical engineering major at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. For her, things like reading faces and understanding what’s on another person’s mind are a struggle. Lisa has autism, which she says has always made her feel like an outsider. “I have a weird brain,” she says. But it has also helped her become something of an expert on the social behavior of people she calls “neurotypical.”

Daxer records her observations about neurotypicals in a blog called Reports From a Resident Alien.

This well-relayed story helps others to see the world as Daxer does, and to gain an appreciation for the fact that ‘different’ is often very good. To Daxer’s brain, observations are just facts. She studies the social behavior of the people around her, and has learned how to appreciate traits like empathy and cooperation in others.

“I’ve seen them help people who are hurt,” Daxer says. “I’ve seen them draw together networks of people to make the world better. I’ve seen them connect different sorts of minds so that we could all communicate and live in a single society. I know you take it for granted, but it’s really very amazing to be able to do that.”

Daxer doesn’t want what she calls “a typical brain.”   Her autism is part of who she is. As you listen, you’ll appreciate how special that is. You can hear, or read, the story at through this link:

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