Gaining Independence With PRIDE

This letter was forwarded by the grateful father of a PRIDE Industries employee. For 40 years, PRIDE has been fulfilling its mission to create jobs for people with disabilities through its own business lines, or by partnering with others. The letter is another  reminder of the life-changing impact that a job can have – not just for an individual with a disability –  but for entire families.  By partnering with PRIDE Industries, you support successes just like Robert’s:

Wishing you and all of PRIDE Industries a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We thank you for your leadership and implementation of PRIDE Industries’  mission, to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. Robert is only one of the many success stories of PRIDE Industries’ mission to provide good  jobs for people with disabilities, while providing outstanding service to the customer.

  • Thanks to PRIDE Industries’ training, steady long-term employment, and employer contributions to Robert’s Social Security payroll taxes, Robert’s Social Security record indicates that he is fully eligible for full retirement benefits at age 67, and Medicare benefits at age 65. 
  • Thanks to PRIDE Industries’ 401K, retirement and profit-sharing plan,with employee and employer contributions, Robert is fully vested and will be able to supplement his social security income at retirement age. 
  • Thanks to PRIDE Industries’ direct deposit of pay checks to his financial institution of choice,  IRA accounts have been established for self-directed investment plans to provide additional retirement income. 
  • Thanks to PRIDE Industries’ pay checks over the past 14 years, Robert has been able to make a joint purchase of a home with his sister and brother-in-law. This home is fully paid for and will be  their retirement home.  
  • Thanks to PRIDE Industries, this 72-year old father of an autistic child, who grew up to be an autistic adult, sleeps much better at night, not having to worry about who will care for his son.  As PRIDE Industries has made it possible for Robert, (with a little family support) to take care of himself.      

God Bless all directors, managers, staff, employees, contract customers/job providers, parents and supporters of PRIDE Industries.

P.S. Go with God, Go with PRIDE.

If you would like to learn more about the work of PRIDE Industries, please visit us at: or contact us at:


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