Home Grown and Hand Packaged with PRIDE

The California Rice Commission is hosting its 11th annual legislative sushi-rolling competition today. The event highlights the importance of rice to the state, providing 25,000 jobs. What you may not know is that includes work supporting employment for people with disabilities at PRIDE Industries.

Blake L., PRIDE Industries Hand Packager with the California Rice Commission box cover

Friends from the California Rice Commission were on the manufacturing floor at PRIDE Industries in Roseville on February 28th, 2012 capturing pictures and video of the promotional gift boxes that PRIDE assembles annually. Hundreds of the packages are delivered to the Capitol and other key audiences as part of their Legislative outreach, helping California’s representatives get a better understanding of the positive economic impact that California-grown rice delivers to our state, as well as the environmental stewardship promoted by state rice growers.

The California Rice Commission represents the 2,500 family rice farmers and handlers who farm and process rice produced in California. The Commission supports the famers with regulatory, research and education outreach programs.

Each gift box contains an assortment of items made with California rice, in addition to educational materials. The Commission has partnered with PRIDE Industries for years to provide the box assembly, as well print and mail services. PRIDE is grateful for their partnership, and the jobs it helps to support for individuals with disabilities. We love California Rice!

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