Creating High Tech Jobs for People with Disabilities

Photographer at PRIDE Industries

Photographer Henry Khoo and PRIDE Industries employee, Jackleen Armstrong.

Photographer Henry Khoo was at PRIDE Industries yesterday capturing photos of PRIDE’s new Electronics Assembly Plant equipped with state-of-the-art technology for electronics and medical device contract manufacturing. We turned the camera on him briefly, shown here with employee, Jackleen Armstrong.

PRIDE added the electronics division nearly 20 years ago as part of its commitment to build business enterprises which create employment opportunity at all skill levels for individuals with disabilities. The division has grown significantly in recent years. ISO-registered and California State licensed for medical device manufacturing, PRIDE’s electronics division offers high-tech jobs to individuals with a wide range of disabilities and other obstacles to employment.  By providing contract packaging, assembly, and award-winning supply chain and fulfillment services, we can meet all of our customers’ needs to get their products to market, while these additional services create more jobs for individuals with disabilities.

PRIDE Industries Electronics Division

PRIDE Industries Electronics Plant Preview

Each of our valued customers contributes to this mission. To ensure that we stay ahead of their needs – and attract new customers – PRIDE has invested heavily, increasing capabilities and services with cutting-edge equipment and skilled engineering teams.

As a social enterprise, PRIDE Industries’ model is, by its nature, innovative. PRIDE builds business enterprises around core competencies and capabilities; the businesses support jobs for people with disabilities; and the profits are reinvested back into the organization’s mission.

PRIDE Industries’ key competitive advantage, however, is centered on people and the motivation of our team.  With employees rallied around our shared mission and supported by continued investment in training and skills development, the motivation of our team becomes a key competitive advantage.

Individuals driven by a sense of purpose work harder and longer to ensure the success of all through quality work and customer satisfaction.  We call this our “power of purpose” – and it becomes our customer s’ advantage as well – shining a positive light on their organizations for the tremendous social benefit created by partnering with PRIDE.

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