PRIDE Employee on a Mission

Erich Jordan is a PRIDE Industries General Maintenance Worker at PRIDE’s Ft. Bliss location in El Paso, TX.  He recently traveled to Africa with critical supplies and a mission to help build a church in Kenya. Erich was able to use the skills he has learned working with PRIDE to assist with repairs and installations. What makes his story of giving to others so extraordinary is the fact that Erich himself suffered a brain aneurysm in December of 2008.

He lost an eight-day period of time and some prior memories. His language and writing skills were significantly impacted, resulting from aphasia and apraxia. Erich went through rehabilitation and gradually was able to write and communicate again. He and his wife traveled together, paying for the trip with his earnings from PRIDE.

On March 8th they began a three-day journey from El Paso to Dubai and then to Kenya. They began immediately, distributing critical supplies for doctors and clothing for families. But their real purpose was to help the community build a long-planned church.

Erich met with the architect and engineer. As a result of his training with PRIDE, he was able to contribute important adjustments to the site plan, accommodating the property line. Before he left, preparations and instructions were provided to lay the foundation and concrete floor. “So long as they can complete the concrete floor, then the rest should be doable the next time we get to go,” said Erich.

Erich is planning to travel to Africa again to help complete the church. His supervisor doesn’t doubt it. He reports that Erich is a dedicated worker, constantly focused on goals and learning something new.

He epitomizes the spirit of PRIDE; overcoming obstacles, regaining independence, and then paying forward his good fortune. We’re so proud to have inspiring employees like Erich at PRIDE.

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