Eye Control Devices for Individuals with Motor Impairments

The ability to control a computer using only your eyes is now a reality with Tobii PCEye.

Mark Kaebnick of Tobii ATI visited PRIDE Industries last week to give us a demonstration of just how this system works. Sharon Mendy, VP of Rehabilitation, and other key personnel were on hand for a test run. It took only a minute for Sharon to get calibrated for this system; within minutes, she was manipulating the PC – opening up applications using only her eyes. It’s a remarkable technological device that could be utilized here for PRIDE employees who lack motor skills.

Today, Tobii PCEye is one of the most advanced stand-alone eye control device on the market for the standard computer. It’s easy to use, highly accurate and portable. It’s compatible with a wide range of software for access to any personal computer. Tobii PCEye translates eye movement to a mouse cursor on a screen. It is primarily designed for those needing an alternative method for controlling a mouse and a computer, such as individuals with impaired motor skills. By simply attaching the device to a computer screen and connecting the USB cable, users can control their entire computer through gazing, blinking or dwelling on an item with only their eyes.

Assistive and adaptive technology is changing the way individuals with disabilities can access and contribute to the workplace with minimal cost. This system works best when used in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking to speed up the input of Word and email documents. Robert Lao, PRIDE Industries’ Business Systems Analyst focused on Adaptive Technology will be testing this system to see how, and where, it can be developed for PRIDE employees.

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