Fabian’s Story

Fabian served in the United States Army from 2005-2009. He was a combat engineer, deployed to Iraq from 2005 to 2006 where he served on combat patrol. He was medically discharged in 2009.

Fabian struggled with the loss of friends he had been joined in combat with. He had difficulty adapting to his former life, and each new report of a friend’s passing created additional challenges. He was unable to sleep and was heavily medicated.  As a disabled veteran, he struggled to find or keep work. Companies did not seem to value his abilities and skills learned in the military.

Sometimes, you just need to find a place and a group of people who understand what you have been through to understand that you are not alone.  Supported by the PRIDE team, Fabian found he could overcome the obstacles that kept him from a full and successful life.  For Fabian, it started with a job at PRIDE on a military base – Ft. Bliss – where he felt in his element.

PRIDE Employees FabianFabian joined PRIDE in June, 2012, starting as a Maintenance Trades Helper. His life is very different just a few short months later. He is happy to be at work every day, gets along with his coworkers and supervisors, and was just recently promoted to General Maintenance Worker. Some of his co-workers who are hearing-impaired even gave him his own American Sign Language (ASL) name.

Fabian recently married and says he is happy to be able to provide for his wife and have a stable job that he enjoys. In fact, he and his wife are now expecting a baby and are excited to begin a family together. He wishes to thank God for all the changes in his life – and for helping him to live through his experiences in Iraq.

As we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we’re proud that Fabian has found a place on the PRIDE team, and we thank him sincerely for his sacrifices in service to our country

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