What Independence Means

July 4thOn the eve of Independence Day, and during the month-long anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s a good time to reflect on the meaning of independence. There are many discussions these days about what constitutes independence and true success for individuals with disabilities. At PRIDE Industries, we serve individuals with a wide range of disabilities – developmental, intellectual, physical, sensory, mental health and more. Individuals may be born with a disability or may acquire one through illness or injury – in everyday life, or in combat.

We support definitions of success as unique as the individuals we serve. For some, it is complete freedom from the need for, or reliance upon, supports and services. For others, it is simply the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a team and their communities. For each, the vehicle for accomplishing these unique goals is through employment; a job.

Since 1966, PRIDE Industries’ mission has been to create jobs for people with disabilities. We strive to provide work at all skill levels with a ladder of opportunity to help individuals achieve their own definition of success and independence. Coming from all walks of life, we work side-by-side, united in our commitment to each other and our determination to prove our ability to compete head-to-head in competitive marketplaces. We do this while training and gaining new skills that form the foundation of an independent life.

To us, independence means opportunity and access, dignity and respect – including respect for each individual’s definition of success and the path to achieving it.

Happy Independence Day, from all of us at PRIDE Industries.

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