Artist Profile: Faith Cook


Faith Cook, 30, is a Hand Packager at PRIDE Industries and describes herself as “having artists’ hands.” She often sketches and draws, finding inspiration from nature, especially the woods. However, for this drawing Faith envisioned the next chapter of her life.

The picture represents her wants and desires for the future. As she was drawing the home, she imagined her dream life living in a country home, with a large backyard and children running and playing with enough land for horses and cows. Faith wants to be a rancher. She loves animals and kids and aspires to be a veterinarian or a teacher. In the meantime, she is the proud owner of a poodle-mix dog and is in the process of becoming a volunteer at the local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), to get hands-on experience working with rescued pets.

Drawing by Faith

Faith has a disability and has been working at PRIDE for nearly 10 years. PRIDE’s structured approach provides a support system, which includes Job Trainers, Case Manager/Counselors, and Supervisors who understand each person’s disability and are able to help with their day-to-day challenges. During the last decade at PRIDE, Faith says she has made true friends and even met her fiancé. Their wedding date is scheduled for the summer of 2015.

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