Artist Profile: Margaret Sullivan

MSullivan artist

Art has been Margaret Sullivan’s favorite activities since high school when, she was introduced to a variety of mediums such as paints, ceramics, and collaging. At 24, she has still not settled on a favorite medium. Speaking like a true artist Margaret says, “Art does not need to be perfect and it is fun and easy.”

The drawing represents Margaret and her boyfriend, Ryan, on a beach vacation. Margaret and Ryan met at PRIDE, where both are Hand Packagers working on a variety of contract packaging projects. This is her first job, and she thoroughly enjoys it because she has made many friends. Even before she found PRIDE, she was an active participant at a local arts studio for people with disabilities.

M_Sullivan Drawing

Margaret has a developmental and learning disability, as well as epilepsy. At PRIDE, she is surrounded by a support system that includes Job Trainers, Case Manager/Counselors, and Supervisors who understand her disability and are able to assist with her medical needs if necessary.

To read more about Margaret and her unique family story, click here.

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