Artist Profile: William Carson

W.Carson 01

William Carson, 23, is a Hand Packager at PRIDE Industries and a history enthusiast.

His fascination with history has not always been. As a child in grade school, history was one subject he found difficult to learn. William’s determination to improve and do better motivated him to read countless books and encyclopedias. He became an avid reader, which led him to fall in love with history. The more he read the more he could see the connection between facts and historical events until something just “clicked” in his mind. William’s disability, Asperger Syndrome, is characterized by detail focus. Over the years, he has created techniques to help him be successful. One of his methods is to create simple steps with considerable amounts of repetition. “Nothing teaches you as experience does,” William says. His method has been proven true at work as well; in the past, he has trained co-workers who needed a little extra help.

William’s interest in military history inspired his drawing. The drawing is of the German battleship Bismarck, the first of two Bismarck-class battleships, completed in 1940. William can talk about it for hours, sharing whom it was named after; Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who is credited for the unification of Germany. He also added that Bismarck had a sister ship called, Tirpitz. William’s knowledge about the ships is vastly, he explained the massive size of the ships noting they were the largest battleships ever build by Germany. William went on to explain Bismarck’s short military battle life – it sank in less than a year in the North Atlantic, and sister ship, Tirpitz, sank in 1944.


At work, William assists with a variety of contract packaging projects. However, his dream job is to work at a History Museum where he can be surrounded by historical items.

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