Artist Profile: Laura San Miguel

L_SanMiguel Artist Profile

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~ Pablo Picasso

Laura San Miguel, 33, is a kind-hearted individual with a shy demeanor. It is through art that she finds an outlet from everyday life allowing her to be her true self, “a free spirit,” Laura says.

When Laura is not working at PRIDE Industries as a Hand Packager, she is creatively expressing herself.

Four years ago, Laura began attending an art studio for people with disabilities. It was there that she discovered a hidden talent and artistic abilities. Art has become therapeutic, and it is through art she is able to escape the “real world” and any stressors affecting her life. Through art, she believes she is making an impact on others. She is motivated to keep improving her artistic abilities because there is a purpose attached to it: a portion of the proceeds from pieces sold at the art studio helps fund programs provided to people with disabilities. Laura has already completed two art classes through the studio – 3Dimensional Art and Ceramics.

L_SanMiguel Drawing

Her drawings were inspired by nature, specifically wild horse. Wild horses are a common theme in her work; they represent her inner free spirit. While talking to Laura, she explains the commonalities she has with these free spirited animals. She explained that wild horse run in a family unit, called a band. Laura can relate with the family dynamics; she and two younger siblings share a home and she says she often feels like the dominant stallion overseeing the well-being of her brother and sister.

Laura is looking forward to improving her craft and paying it forward. To read about another PRIDE artist in training click here.

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