Our Best Wishes and Congratulations!


Most companies hate to see good employees leave, but when one of our own has gained the skills and confidence necessary to seek employment in the community, we call that a success.

Since April, 2011, Raymond Massie worked at PRIDE Industries’ Fort Polk site.  Hired as a general maintenance worker in the carpenter shop, he quickly displayed his expertise and was promoted to Carpenter in January 2012.

Raymond is deaf, but refuses to allow his disability to interfere with his goals. All he needed was the opportunity to prove himself. During his tenure at PRIDE, he was recognized by both the military and his peers. He received several positive ICE comments – observations or remarks that individuals, civilian or military, can make in response to service they receive on a military base. Raymond was also recognized as the Most Improved Employee for July-September 2011 and was a member of the Shop of the Quarter team for October-December 2011.

“Raymond has the ability to do anything he is asked to do in the carpentry industry,” says his manager, David Stone. “He is a team player and goes out of his way to assist others.”

Raymond is leaving PRIDE Industries to pursue his career in the carpenter field. PRIDE provided a critical stepping stone to help him prepare for employment in the competitive marketplace. Our best wishes and congratulations to Raymond!

To read more about other successes at PRIDE click here.

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