A Key Member Of The Team: NDEAM


Moreina Needham joined PRIDE Industries at Fort Bliss in August 2009 under the AbilityOne Program. In the course of 4 years, she has grown in her skills, supporting multiple teams and increasing her responsibilities.

She began as a service order dispatcher in the call center handling routine calls, window orders and emergency dispatches. routine, and window orders. She was constantly recognized by our customers for her great work and positive attitude.

Based on her success, she was moved to shop duties in 2011, supporting Roads & Grounds, Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC and others. She started to learn the process and easily adapted to all the work duties. Based on her expanded knowledge, she was promoted to lead Service Order Dispatcher at the shop level that same year. Recently, she has taken on additional responsibilities in launching the GFEBS project which has been a great success.

Moreina pays back her good fortune by providing help and support to her co-workers who regard her as a key member of the team who brings a positive attitude to every undertaking.

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