Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome human being who just happened to be one of the best sales people ever. He had a heart for PRIDE and directed business our way whenever he had the opportunity. He understood that the jobs he was supporting made a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. The world is small – and our impact often comes full circle. This fine man went on to have two children with disabilities. This month, one of them came to work at PRIDE.

For 48 years, PRIDE Industries, along with our customers, friends, and supporters, have accomplished great things together: creating jobs for people with disabilities. Today, PRIDE employs more than 4,900 individuals across America.  Your hard work, support and partnership make this possible.

Thank you for the role you play in helping people with disabilities succeed. This ‘power of purpose’ drives our shared vision for the future.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a New Year filled with opportunity for all.


Mike Ziegler (aka “Ziggy”)


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  1. I have known one of your employees for 20 yrs..hes a good guy with a big heart..hes smart and handsome too..he wont talk about his self much..but other people do that for him..his friends that really know him..by his nickname bubba..one of his friends gave it to him many yrs ago..hes a vet..though hes not disabled. He passed up alot of good paying jobs..to take this job w this co..i am not a vet..but many of my family members are..i am just a good friend of bubbas..so i wanted to say thanks to him for all the things he does for other people..his friends and family..that no one knows about.i want to wish him a merry xmas..when i win the lottery a donation will be made to ur co in his name but he will never know for sure where it came from..cause bubba has lots of friends..i hope this doesnt embrass him..just wanted u to know what a great guy he is..

    • Thank you so much, Debbie, for sharing a little something about Bubba. PRIDE’s grateful to Bubba and all the wonderful people who work at PRIDE. Thank you for visiting the PRIDE blog.

  2. This is so awesome and hits close to home for me. Little did I know after working for PRIDE for 10 years and absolutely loving our Mission, that I would have a child with Autism. I believe God was preparing me for this while I was at PRIDE all those years! And now I’m back working at PRIDE, able to continue furthering this incredible mission, with the hope that my impact will come full circle some day, when my son has a place to work here at PRIDE!! Keep on Rockin’ Fellow PRIDE Employees and Happy Holidays!

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