Patrick’s Story

USNS Mercy _Edited

My Story

I have been a Laborer for FOSSAC, San Diego, since 2008. Prior to joining PRIDE Industries, I had a career as an Aircraft Electrician that spanned over 30 years. I started my career as an Avionics Mechanic with the United States Army and then became a Civilian employee working for the Army. My work took me to Germany, North Carolina, Washington and many points in between.

Then I was stricken with a condition that deteriorated my eyesight and led to my becoming diagnosed as legally blind. When I first reported to PRIDE Industries for work in early 2008, I was determined not to be a weak link in the human chain. I knew I had found a supportive environment where I could make a living and have a sense of self-reliance. If I can work, I believe almost anyone who is motivated, can work as well.

Since my work with PRIDE involves working on Navy ships and submarines, my former career prepared me well to understand the importance of providing great service to the military. I also feel reconnected to a world that I missed when I initially had to sever ties due to my disability.

Thank you for allowing me to share my success story with everyone!

Patrick Powell

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