A Job Helps Boost Confidence, Self-esteem, and Self-sufficiency


Jonathan Soberanes, 28, began working at PRIDE Industries approximately one year ago. As a Materials Handler he uses an RF Scanner device to locate, scan, and label customer parts stored in PRIDE’s Roseville warehouse. The aisles, hundreds of feet high, seem to be bursting full of packaged items. Each shelf has a barcode, which holds specific customer parts. Once the correct shelf and part are identified, Jonathan scans the item, picks it up, and places it on a cart. Then, a label is printed once the scanner confirms the pick, which helps track the item and inventory management. Once an order is fulfilled, he takes the package back to the shipping area for transport to an awaiting consumer. He does this hundreds of times each day.

Many workers might become restless with the repetitive nature of these tasks; but Jonathan is not just any worker. He is an individual with intellectual disability, who – until coming to PRIDE – worked in isolation as the overnight custodian of a retail company. His grandmother had a sense that the job was not helping his professional and personal development, so she inquired about job opportunities at PRIDE.


Jonathan began his journey with PRIDE working on the shipping floor. He excelled in that position, and expressed an interest in learning more. “Initially, he picked orders from the production floor bins so we could monitor his work,” says his supervisor and coach, Matthew Weiss. “After observing his excellent work ethic, we added him to our warehouse team.”

PRIDE’s manufacturing solutions provide jobs for individuals like Jonathan through contract packaging, assembly, fulfillment and logistics services. With the support of job coaches and case managers, individuals can develop professionally and personally.

Countless times a day, Jonathan fulfills orders. As he walks the aisles in search of parts, he greets friends in the warehouse and jokes with co-workers on the production floor. Jonathan enjoys the camaraderie; something he didn’t have at his previous job.

Jonathan is happily contributing to the department and making friends while developing his skills. “He is reliable, responsible and has maintained great attendance,” says Weiss. “We can count on him every day.”


Jonathan is not only excelling at work, but in his personal life as well. In addition to his full-time employment at PRIDE, Jonathan is part of a social recreation program for youths with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The group participates in community activities including sporting events, group dinners, day trips, bowling, movies, and more. Participation builds important social skills and helps individuals become more involved in their community.

“Jonathan has grown socially and skills wise while working at PRIDE,” says Steve Ross, Jonathan’s counselor. “He is more assertive and confident; he has really matured.”

At the time of our interview, Jonathan was looking forward to visiting the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento with his social recreation group.


Having a job is about more than a paycheck; it improves confidence, self-esteem, creates greater self-sufficiency, and aids in building a rewarding life. We’re glad his grandmother connected him to PRIDE.

3 thoughts on “A Job Helps Boost Confidence, Self-esteem, and Self-sufficiency

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    • We agree, Jonathan is a great guy. There are many remarkable individuals working at PRIDE Industries. Thank you for visiting the PRIDE blog.

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