Spotlight On: Cynthia Baca


Being a recruiter for PRIDE Industries requires some special skills. Cynthia Baca is a Recruiter for PRIDE at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, focusing on individuals qualified under the AbilityOne Program. In an area that is 81% Hispanic, you might expect her to be fluent in Spanish (she is). What you may not know is that she is also fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), making Cynthia trilingual! 

In addition to support of individuals with disabilities applying to and employed by PRIDE, Cynthia attends numerous job fairs, conferences and other community events representing our organization. Given the number of hearing impaired employees at PRIDE’s Ft. Bliss site, she also joins four other job coaches each morning to provide interpretation of the day’s instructions to employees in each of our trade’s shops.

Dedicated and always willing to pitch in, Cynthia lent her support to PRIDE’s commissary start up at Kaneohe Bay, HI. Given the four hour time difference between El Paso and Hawaii, she was up early and late helping to screen potential employees and supporting them through the application process and sometimes complex qualification requirements.

Most recently, Cynthia  along with a rehab counselor arranged an internship within the IT Department, for an El Paso Community College student with disabilities to intern at PRIDE at Ft. Bliss. To read more about JC’s story click here.

And when we’re looking to shine a spotlight on fellow employees – Cynthia is always there with a suggestion and a deep understanding of each individual she supports.

Great job, Cynthia!

We’re proud to have you on our PRIDE team!

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