2014 Special Olympics USA Games


via Special Olympics New Jersey

The 2014 National Summer Special Olympics are being held in the state of New Jersey June 14 – June 21 this summer. Approximately 3,500 athletes will gather from every state. Competitors will include PRIDE Industries’ very own Brian Beirne.

Brian is an employee on PRIDE’s contract at JB MDL. He began in 2012 and is currently a Grounds Maintenance Laborer. His long-term goal is to become a Maintenance Trades Helper in the Carpentry department.

When he isn’t working, rooting for his New Jersey Devils, or moshing at heavy metal concerts – Brian can be found lifting weights at the gym. Big weights.

It all started in middle school when his grandparents signed him up for the YMCA to follow his interest in Rugby. There, he was introduced to weight lifting. Powerlifting quickly became his new favorite sport.

In the last three years Brian has competed in the Special Olympics at the regional and state levels. In 2011, he won four gold medals in the regionals and four more in the state competition. In 2012, Brian again won four gold medals in the regionals and took three in the state competition including one silver. In 2013, he won four gold medals in the regional competition and two in the state – this time including two silver medals. Late last year, Brian was invited to try out for the New Jersey Special Olympic team. He was selected to be one of four power lifters from the state in the 2014 Special Olympics, and the only one in his weight division of 170-185 pounds.

In addition to the national competition, Brian will compete again at the regional and state levels this year. He currently squats around 240lbs, benches 250lbs, and dead lifts 340lbs. His personal goal is to beat the state record and reach over 350lbs.

Brian is very excited for the competition to begin. He says his motivation is being able to see steady improvement in his skills and feels a sense of accomplishment each time he is able to add more weight to his lifts. Brian is determined to beat his own record and set a new state one. He is grateful for his supportive family, and for his competition trainer, Riggy – Brian’s favorite and most inspiring trainer.

We are so proud to have Brian on our own PRIDE team and look forward to cheering him on this summer! Follow Brian’s journey by checking on his profile page at: http://teamnj.sonj.org/athlete/Brian-Beirne.

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