35 Years with PRIDE

Jill & Managers01B

Recently, Jill Heifrin celebrated her 35th anniversary with PRIDE Industries! To commemorate this milestone, she was presented with a small party (complete with cake of course!).  Her fellow co-workers along with, VP of Operations, Manufacturing & Logistics Services Tony Lopez, General Electronics Manager Tracy Weatherfield, Production Manager Steve Hackett, and PRIDE’s President/CEO Mike Ziegler were all there to join the celebration.

Jill started her career with PRIDE as an electronics department employee in 1979. Back in those days, the department had fewer than 30 employees. Today, PRIDE employs and serves more than 4,900 people, including more than 2,800 people with disabilities throughout California and 13 other states. Over the last 35 years, PRIDE has grown dramatically, but Jill’s enthusiasm for the work she does and her outlook on life have remained the same.


At PRIDE’s Roseville campus, Jill is responsible for auditing consignment kits before they are returned to our customers and organizing “freshly baked” circuit boards onto trays, getting them ready for inspection. The baking process is the final step within the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line. Once all components are electronically placed onto printed circuit boards, they are fused together and secured in place by a high heat oven. A conveyor belt moves the circuit boards directly to Jill’s station where she prepares them for inspection. Jill is very self-motivated and does a great job. “She comes in, finds her jobs, and gets them done. At the end of the day, you can tell she is proud of her accomplishments,” says Production Manager Steve Hackett.


Outside of work, Jill attended adult classes at the Orange Grove School for adults with disabilities. There she became proficient at typing and using a computer and now is able to use her own personal laptop at home. In addition, Jill learned how to garden and has become an expert at growing tomato plants.

Along with Jill’s professional excellence, she is well known around the Roseville campus for her friendly manner and kindness. Steve Twitchell, VP of MLS Operations recalls, “I first met Jill 20 years ago when I started working in the electronics department. Her ever smiling face and joyous personality would always make my day better.” When asked about Jill, her case manager Justin Underwood said, “Jill is one of the kindest souls that I have had the privilege of working with. She is always in good spirits and puts her best effort forward in all that she does!” High praises continue, Rehab Services Manager Steve Ross describes Jill as “one of the most hard working, friendly, well liked employees at PRIDE Roseville!!!”


Congratulations to Jill for reaching this impressive milestone!   We are very glad to have her here at PRIDE Industries Roseville campus. When asked about her future with PRIDE, Jill says “I’m not planning on retiring anytime soon!”

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