You’ve Always Had The Power

April is National Autism Awareness Month; we set aside this month to highlight the success of our employees. Meet Mason Carroll, a young adult working at PRIDE Industries’ Fort Polk facilities contract in Louisiana.

Mason began working as a Grounds Maintenance Laborer in early 2013. The opportunity to work for PRIDE Industries at Ft. Polk marks the beginning of Mason’s professional career – his first job. Although change and unfamiliarity are a challenge for Mason, he is aware of the obstacles it creates and he gets help to face them head on. Mason is quiet and extremely introverted, unless he is familiar with his surroundings. Despite his challenges, management had recognized Mason’s commitment, professionalism, and great work ethics. After completion of the probationary period, Mason became eligible for a promotion but he did not feel comfortable changing his work environment. After turning down the opportunity for a promotion Mason decided, he wanted more for himself. With the support of his counselor, job coach, and manager – Mason applied for the job promotion.

Mason is on the autism spectrum – he is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be difficult to manage. Traits can include difficulties in social environments, communication, and behavioral challenges. One of his challenges is adapting to change.

Convincing Mason to take the next step in his professional career was not easy. After months of encouragement and support, Mason applied for and received the promotion to Maintenance Trades Helper in the HVAC department at PRIDE Industries – Ft. Polk contract.

To those who work with Mason, it is obvious he is skilled, dependable and an asset to PRIDE; however, he had to overcome his own personal challenges before taking the next step. Nearly a year later, he is happy with his promotion and continuing to adjust to the change. “Everyone in his shop loves him and always gives him compliments,” Sonja Matthews, Mason’s counselor says. “He is really a great young man and an asset to PRIDE.”

The video below is a “beautiful duo from a father and daughter, we hear about how a family fought autism and came winning. A strong message of hope and fighting invisibility.”


PRIDE’s structured approach provides a support system that includes job trainers, case manager/counselors, and supervisors who understand each person’s disability and are able to help with their day-to-day challenges.

We are so happy for you; keep up the great work Mason!

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