Thank You


Thank you for your support to PRIDE Industries Foundation on the Big Day of Giving, yesterday.

Gifts made to PRIDE on the ‘big day’ raised more than $5,000, which will support PRIDE’s Job Coaching Program for people with disabilities – nationwide. PRIDE’s Job coaches are talented individuals who understand their clients’ unique needs. They are the reason for the success of our employees with disabilities.

Job Coaches provide step-by-step support to individuals working at PRIDE Industries. Their job is not a typical 9 to 5. They visit clients at their job site and help them through any of their challenges at work.

Because your support and generous donations, individuals like Rhonda, will get the individualized support needed to achieve success at work. Rhonda shares: “When I first started working at PRIDE I was scared I wouldn’t be successful. I received the training and support I needed to do my job and PRIDE has made my success a priority.”

PRIDE’s structured approach provides a support system that includes Job Coaches, Case Manager, Counselors, and Supervisors who understand each person’s challenges and are able to help remove obstacles to their success.

To learn more about PRIDE’s Programs, click here.

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