A Celebration of Independence


Fourth of July is Independence Day, a time to celebrate our freedom and liberties. At PRIDE Industries, we support independence for individuals with disabilities. PRIDE’s founders – a small group of devoted parents who wanted to find meaningful work for their adult children with disabilities – should be proud of what their idea has borne. More than 48 years later, thousands of lives have been changed as a result of their simple dream.

Independence is a personal pursuit; for Ilani, it meant recently moving out of her parents’ home and on her own. Angel’s journey took him from a group care home to his own place and he has been living independently for more than 10 years! For Margaret and Joseph, a brother and sister duo just starting their journey, working at PRIDE means gaining the skills needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency. At the heart of all of their successes is employment. A job.

Since 1966, PRIDE’s mission has been to create jobs for people with disabilities. PRIDE strives to provide work at all skill levels with a ladder of opportunity to help individuals achieve their own definition of independence and self-sufficiency. Individuals come to PRIDE from all walks of life. We work together – side-by-side – united by one mission.

On Friday, July 4, 2014, let’s celebrate OUR independence and triumphs – something worthy of celebration.

Happy Independence Day, to all!


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