The Next Chapter


“My sister is seriously addicted to work at @tweetsforPRIDE” ~ Chase Baker, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle.

The twitter handle: @tweetsforPRIDE belongs to PRIDE Industries. Her brother, Chase, posted this message recently about his sister Devin, a PRIDE employee at our Auburn, CA location.

Transitioning from high school into the next chapter in life is a daunting task. Let alone, figuring out which path is best for a young adult with disabilities.

Devin West, 23, is one of those young adults who successfully made the transition and now loves her job at PRIDE.

During her last year of school, Devin showed interest in becoming employed and having a job. In early 2013, Devin began interning at PRIDE, as part of a managed transition plan to life after school. Through the paid internship, Devin gained vocational training and got a feel for what it meant to have a job. She loved the experience! “It is awesome to see her so devoted and motivated,” Chase says. During our interview, her father, John, shared a similar anecdote; the family practically had to beg Devin to take time off to join them on a family vacation. Devin never wants to miss a day of work.

In the summer of 2013, after completion of her schooling, Devin earned a promotion to a full-time employee at PRIDE Industries. She has loved every bit of her experience. Having a job has helped Devin mature and become more responsible. However, for Devin it also means making friends, contributing to her community and having a greater sense of independence.

“Focusing on my work,” is Devin’s favorite part of the job.  A job means trying new things, meeting new people, and getting out of her comfort zone. One of her work goals is to improve on her willingness to try new tasks. Over the last year at PRIDE, Devin has gained new skills and is now working on assignments that are more difficult. “Not only does PRIDE allow Devin to be part of a challenging and rewarding work environment, but it allows her to build relationships with her coworkers and those she interacts with,” Chase says. Both Chase and Devin’s father have seen a remarkable change.

Devin with her brother Chase.

A sister and brother selfie – Devin and Chase.

PRIDE is a special place for individuals – with and without disabilities – working, growing and developing career paths together. “Being part of a company that respects who Devin is and allows her to gain real life/work experience is invaluable as she gets older,” Chase says. “I know she wants to be independent and PRIDE Industries makes that a very real possibility.”

Having a job is about more than a paycheck, it enables individuals to mature, become more responsible, be more confident, and the list goes on. Bit by bit, Devin is gaining the necessary skills to be independent and be a contributing member of her community.  Helping individuals like Devin while working at PRIDE reminds us of the contribution we can make to others.

“Devin deserves to live a happy and rewarding life,” Chase says – and we could not agree more. Devin successfully transitioned to life after school and into a work environment. We look forward to continue seeing her develop as a young professional.

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