Beyond the Stats: The Need


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), bringing the issue of employment for people with disabilities to light.

One in five Americans has a disability; more than 57 million people.  Individuals with disabilities represent the single largest and most diverse minority group; they face unemployment at nearly four times the rate of the general population. This stubborn statistic is not due to lack of interest or skills – but lack of opportunity. Unfortunately, not all employers realize the benefits that people with disabilities bring to the workplace. Unemployed people with disabilities represent a major, untapped source of qualified and motivated job candidates.

At PRIDE Industries, we shift the focus from disabilities to abilities, creating meaningful employment for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Through training, job skills development, coaching and placement, individuals with disabilities – including veterans, youth leaving the foster care system, and those with developmental, intellectual, mental health, sensory or physical obstacles – can find success.

Employment success leads to other benefits:  increased dignity, confidence, and self-reliance for the individual – and peace of mind for their family and friends. Businesses win as well, with loyal and dedicated employees who approach their jobs with passion and enthusiasm. When individuals, families and businesses win – whole communities benefit.

At PRIDE, we know that a disability does not mean inability.  For more than 48 years, PRIDE Industries has been preparing people with disabilities for employment and more independent lives. PRIDE helps people move from dependence to greater independence with person-centered services including assessments, job skills development, training, placement, transportation, and on-going supports to ensure long-term success. We place people in employment in PRIDE’s own businesses, and support more than 450 individuals annually in community employment. But the need is so much greater.

How can you make a difference for individuals with disabilities?

  • If you are a business person, speak to our expert staff about hiring employees with disabilities in your business
  • Hire PRIDE and its employees for your business service needs
  • Support businesses that employ people with disabilities

Together we can change lives…one job at a time.


5 thoughts on “Beyond the Stats: The Need

  1. I have been a Pride employee for 2yrs.I would like to acknowledge Perry our Operations Manager @ Sacramento Intetnational Airport (SMF) He always puts 100 % into his work.He sincerely supports each and every Pride employee. Perry continues to encourage us and thank us for our hard work.He definitely is the best ! Cindy Tackett : Job Coach on swing shift @ SMF

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