Saluting Those Who Serve

Each November, our nation sets aside a day to collectively honor and recognize those that serve – past and present – to protect our freedom. To all veterans we say “thank you.” Your many personal and professional sacrifices help to ensure the liberties we all enjoy. We are forever grateful.

PRIDE Industries’ programs and partnerships help veterans re-enter the workforce with honor, dignity and understanding. Our contracts on military bases provide a welcome and familiar environment for veterans where they can enhance their skills and advance their careers while serving their fellow soldiers.

PRIDE Profile: William A. Green

Veterans Day William G

William A. Green IV was born in Queens, New York and raised in McDonald, Pennsylvania. He lost his father at age 5 and his mother at age 16. He took care of himself while finishing high school and then joined the service. He enlisted in the Army in March 1983 as a Power Generation Equipment Repairer. “The Army was my family and every soldier was my brother and sister,” says William “You become so tight-knit and rely on each other- especially when deployed.”

William attended Basic Combat Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Advanced and Individual Training at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He served in a variety of key leadership positions with his last being as the U. S. Army Garrison Command Sergeant Major, Fort Bliss, Texas. He was injured in Iraq twice and received two Bronze Stars. “Whether it’s a peace mission or combat, the military molds you and changes you forever. It makes you appreciate life and the things you have. Possessions come and go but experiences with people are what life is truly about.”

William retired from the Army in October, 2011 when he joined PRIDE Industries. After being in the Army for 30 years, he was a little apprehensive about his future.

“I spent my entire military career helping people and wanted to continue that when I got out of the service,” says William. “I didn’t just want an easy job; I wanted something that would continue to challenge me and make me grow as a person. I found that job with PRIDE Industries.”

Working at Fort Bliss Texas allowed William to continue to serve his soldiers – as customers and fellow employees. With almost 500 PRIDE employees at Fort Bliss, 87 are veterans. “The work we do together is amazing,” says William. “With over 1.1 million acres of land and 25 million square feet of building space, we do everything from grounds maintenance to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC. In essence, we are taking care of a small city.”

William wears two hats at PRIDE: Assistant General Manager and HR Director. His experience as Garrison Command Sergeant helps PRIDE to serve our customer better. His leadership and dedication support our employees as an advocate and mentor.

“I’m glad to be a part of the PRIDE team,” says William. “We have taken the lead in recognizing and helping our veterans transition from military to civilian life. In the military, I had a great family with my fellow soldiers. Now I have a great new family with PRIDE!”

Below is a video of the 2013 AbilityOne Honor Roll for Veterans Award Winner Andrew Weissenberger, a PRIDE Industries employee at our Fort Rucker contract.

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