Looking Back – And Forward

Whether you are born with a disability, or acquire one through illness or injury, overcoming initial everyday life hurdles is just the beginning. What fully connects us to each other and our communities is a job. Work is essential to an individual’s dignity, self-esteem and inclusion. Work is what PRIDE Industries makes possible – with your help – for those most often excluded from employment.

Devin03Thanks to your support and partnership, we can provide training and opportunity to those who have never been employed before – like Devin.  Working with our case managers to developing a plan, access supports and gain experience through a paid internship, Devin earned full-time employment at PRIDE Industries. The job challenges her to new levels and allows her to build relationships, expanding her confidence. The opportunity means as much to her family as it does to Devin: “Being part of a company that respects who Devin is and allows her to gain real life/work experience is invaluable,” says her brother, Chase Baker.

Cameron03With your help, we were able to significantly expand our Supported Employment program where individuals like Cameron move from working at PRIDE to working in the community. “If you motivate yourself with faith enough – you can achieve all that you have dreamed of,” says Cameron.

Escuela Militar

With your partnership, we are able to support career advancement for individuals with disabilities through technical and trade skills training programs. When individuals graduate, they earn industry-recognized certifications that can advance wages and put people on the paths of their choosing. This includes Stephen, a service-disabled veteran who earned promotion after completing the training program and is on the road to much more. “Life is short; strive for all of your goals to the best of your ability. Never settle!” says Stephen.

Carlos at work_editedAnd, because you believe in the true capabilities of our workforce, we can offer a path back to employment for those displaced by disability. People like Carlos – who escaped horrific violence in his native country which cost him both legs – and nearly his life. Today, he and his family are safe and he is rebuilding with new skills learned at PRIDE.

You’ll find their detailed stories and much more through the links above. As we close one year and begin another, they – and countless more – are our inspiration to stay focused on our mission: creating jobs for people with disabilities. Thank you for joining us on the journey. We could not do it without you.

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