Taking To The Road

PRIDE Industries Fort RuckerFor over three decades, John Pfander, Quality Control Manager at PRIDE Industries’ Ft. Rucker contract, has been a motorcycle enthusiast. Just about every weekend, you will find him riding in shows, charity events, parades, or as a member of the Patriot Guard Riders in Alabama.

In September, a co-worker who shares John’s biking enthusiasm joined PRIDE’s team in the Preventative Maintenance department. Allison presented John with a flyer for a ride that her friends were sponsoring called “Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Ride,” benefited the American Cancer Society “Relay for Life.” John was happy to join the ride, but Allison – who uses a wheelchair – had never been on a bike herself. John is a “can-do” kind of guy. He asked her to ride with him in the event, and without hesitation – she said “yes!”

On a beautiful Sunday in October, 2014, John met up with Allison and one of his Patriot Guard members. John and his buddy carefully picked Allison up from her wheelchair and put her on the motorcycle. And they were off!


They were on the road with over 75 motorcycle riders and passengers. John and Allison were surrounded by experienced bikers and an accompanying trike – just in case. They rode over 100 miles in three and a half hours with five different stops. At each stop, Allison’s friends came out to cheer her on.

It was a great day traveling some of Alabama’s most beautiful roads. And Allison had the time of her life! We’re pretty sure it won’t be the last.

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