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Raymundo Muro holds three degrees – an Associate Degree in Human Services and Liberal Arts, and a Bachelor’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies from University of Texas El Paso, Texas.   He also happens to be blind. He volunteered and won internship opportunities, but was unable to find permanent employment because of his disability. That is, until he found PRIDE Industries at Fort Bliss, TX in 2007.

Referred to PRIDE by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Ray quickly found success in the Self-Help shop where he promptly brailled all of the inventory.  He also works with a screen reader called JAWS and a Braille Sense Notetaker to help him maintain the shop database. “The best part of my job is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world,” says Ray.

“Ray knows the shop like the back of his hand.  He greets everyone that comes in the door with a smile,” says Jimmy Rios, Warehouse Supervisor.

PRIDE Industries_Ray MIn addition to his vast knowledge of the warehouse – Ray is an expert on college and professional football. Interviewed recently on “the Big 600” radio show in El Paso by local El Paso Sports personality, Steve Kaplowitz – Ray’s dazzled listening audiences with his knowledge of the game – and of course, of his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. Meeting Kaplowitz was the highlight of Ray’s day, but winning an invitation to talk sports with him anytime was the real touchdown!

“Having a disability doesn’t mean we don’t have other talents” says Ray.

“Ray Muro is an excellent employee and a great person to have on our team. He is highly respected here at PRIDE – Fort. Bliss, TX for his wonderful attitude and willingness to assist our troops,” says Warehouse Manager Mynor McCray.  “I truly enjoy talking with him, especially about football!”

One thought on “Touchdown!

  1. I met Ray when we first started the Ft Bliss contract….. I knew from the moment I met Ray, that PRIDE was in great hands! Ray is awesome!….. zig

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