Labor Day

Image copyright Catherine Lane 2014

One in five Americans has a disability; more than 57 million people.  Individuals with disabilities face unemployment at nearly four times the rate of the general population, not because they do not want to work or are unqualified.  People with disabilities can, and do work when provided the opportunity.

Labor Day is set aside as a holiday to celebrate the social and economic achievements of all workers.  At PRIDE Industries, we strive to create jobs for those most often excluded from employment: people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to all who want to work and can contribute.

People with disabilities have much to offer.  Their inclusion in the workforce can strengthen a team and deliver results while contributing to social good. We prove it daily.

Through training, job skills development, coaching, and placement, individuals with disabilities can find success and become contributing members of their community.

Let’s pave the way for a Labor Day that celebrates the contributions of all American workers – those with and without disabilities.

Happy Labor Day to all.

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