Independence – of a Different Kind

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness.” 
— Louis Dembitz Brandeis

Tomorrow, we celebrate Independence Day – Fourth of July. As a nation, we celebrate our freedom, liberties, and independence that we as Americans enjoy.

Independence – of a different kind – is the fuel that keeps PRIDE Industries moving forward. This concept of ‘independence’ can have many different meanings and can be a very personal undertaking for people with disabilities.

PRIDE’s commitment to helping individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers to employment and other obstacles to independence began in 1966. As an organization, we are committed to creating opportunities for people with disabilities – the foundation of independence and a self-sufficient life.

What is independence?

For some, it is complete freedom from the need for, or reliance upon, a program or services. For others, it is merely the ability to participate in and contribute to their community. For each, the catalyst for accomplishing these goals is through employment; a job.

Having a job provides, “social, psychological, and financial benefits that improve health” and make for a happier life. For more information on the benefits of employment and its correlation with one’s health, click here.

Working at PRIDE or with one of more than 250 community partners means gaining the skills needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency.

On Fourth of July and year-round, let’s celebrate the triumphs and achievements of individuals overcoming barriers to employment.


From all of us at PRIDE Industries – Happy Independence Day!

Independence: An Opportunity for All

American flag outdoors in a meadow on july 4th.

July 4th is Independence Day – a celebration of our nation’s independence. These days, there are many discussions about what constitutes independence and success for people with disabilities. Our programs and services help promote independence and self-reliance of individuals with disabilities.

Through our mission, we serve people with a broad range of disabilities – developmental, intellectual, physical, sensory, mental illness and more. Individuals may be born with a disability or may acquire one through illness or injury – in everyday life, or in combat.

PRIDE supports many definitions of success as unique as the individuals we serve. For some, it is complete freedom from the reliance upon supports and services. For others, it is simply the opportunity to participate and contribute to their community. Meanwhile, the vehicle for accomplishing these unique goals is through employment. An opportunity. A job.

For 50 years, PRIDE’s mission has been creating jobs for people with disabilities. Through our work, we strive to provide opportunities at all skill levels to aid individuals in the achievement of their definition of independence.

Won’t you join PRIDE Industries in creating jobs for people with disabilities?

Contact PRIDE at to learn how your business can employ individuals with disabilities.

From all of us at PRIDE, Happy Independence Day!

Independence and Inclusion

US Constitution - We The People with USA Flag.

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the independence, freedom, and liberties that were hard-won by our forefathers.  Independence – of a different kind – is at the heart of what we do at PRIDE Industries. For people with disabilities, ‘independence’ can have diverse and very personal meaning.

For individuals like Diana, it means freedom from past reliance on supports and services. For others like Eric, it means participating in, and contributing to, a team and his community.  For Josh, it meant getting an opportunity to prove himself while earning his way forward. Many other individuals have reached their version of independence through inclusion; click here to read their success stories. With all individuals, their unique goals were accomplished through the most basic of vehicles: a job.

PRIDE Industries serves individuals with a wide range of disabilities including developmental, intellectual, physical, sensory, mental health challenges or other disabilities.

For 49 years, PRIDE’s mission has remained the same – to create jobs for people with disabilities.  We know that employment is essential to an individual’s sense of purpose, dignity, and inclusion. And that independence is achieved through work, choice and increased self-sufficiency.

From all of us at PRIDE Industries, happy Independence Day.

A Celebration of Independence


Fourth of July is Independence Day, a time to celebrate our freedom and liberties. At PRIDE Industries, we support independence for individuals with disabilities. PRIDE’s founders – a small group of devoted parents who wanted to find meaningful work for their adult children with disabilities – should be proud of what their idea has borne. More than 48 years later, thousands of lives have been changed as a result of their simple dream.

Independence is a personal pursuit; for Ilani, it meant recently moving out of her parents’ home and on her own. Angel’s journey took him from a group care home to his own place and he has been living independently for more than 10 years! For Margaret and Joseph, a brother and sister duo just starting their journey, working at PRIDE means gaining the skills needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency. At the heart of all of their successes is employment. A job.

Since 1966, PRIDE’s mission has been to create jobs for people with disabilities. PRIDE strives to provide work at all skill levels with a ladder of opportunity to help individuals achieve their own definition of independence and self-sufficiency. Individuals come to PRIDE from all walks of life. We work together – side-by-side – united by one mission.

On Friday, July 4, 2014, let’s celebrate OUR independence and triumphs – something worthy of celebration.

Happy Independence Day, to all!