Strength, Prosperity, and Well-being

Labor Day is a tribute to the social and economic achievements of American workers that have contributed to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Though the unemployment rate has dropped to record lows in recent months, people with disabilities continue to struggle with high levels of unemployment or underemployment. In 2015, only 34% of people with disabilities (ages 18-64) were employed, compared to a 76% rate of employment for people without disabilities.

At PRIDE Industries, our goal is to create jobs for those who want and can work. Through PRIDE’s business enterprises and by partnering with others in the community, people with disabilities become contributing members of the community.

Since 1966, our mission has proven that disability does not mean inability and that through employment, individuals with disabilities gain a sense of purpose, dignity, inclusion, and lead more self-sufficient lives.

On Labor Day and year-round, together, we can celebrate the contributions of all American workers – with and without disabilities.


From all of us at PRIDE, have a happy and safe Labor Day!

Labor Day

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One in five Americans has a disability; more than 57 million people.  Individuals with disabilities face unemployment at nearly four times the rate of the general population, not because they do not want to work or are unqualified.  People with disabilities can, and do work when provided the opportunity.

Labor Day is set aside as a holiday to celebrate the social and economic achievements of all workers.  At PRIDE Industries, we strive to create jobs for those most often excluded from employment: people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to all who want to work and can contribute.

People with disabilities have much to offer.  Their inclusion in the workforce can strengthen a team and deliver results while contributing to social good. We prove it daily.

Through training, job skills development, coaching, and placement, individuals with disabilities can find success and become contributing members of their community.

Let’s pave the way for a Labor Day that celebrates the contributions of all American workers – those with and without disabilities.

Happy Labor Day to all.

A Celebration of Independence


Fourth of July is Independence Day, a time to celebrate our freedom and liberties. At PRIDE Industries, we support independence for individuals with disabilities. PRIDE’s founders – a small group of devoted parents who wanted to find meaningful work for their adult children with disabilities – should be proud of what their idea has borne. More than 48 years later, thousands of lives have been changed as a result of their simple dream.

Independence is a personal pursuit; for Ilani, it meant recently moving out of her parents’ home and on her own. Angel’s journey took him from a group care home to his own place and he has been living independently for more than 10 years! For Margaret and Joseph, a brother and sister duo just starting their journey, working at PRIDE means gaining the skills needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency. At the heart of all of their successes is employment. A job.

Since 1966, PRIDE’s mission has been to create jobs for people with disabilities. PRIDE strives to provide work at all skill levels with a ladder of opportunity to help individuals achieve their own definition of independence and self-sufficiency. Individuals come to PRIDE from all walks of life. We work together – side-by-side – united by one mission.

On Friday, July 4, 2014, let’s celebrate OUR independence and triumphs – something worthy of celebration.

Happy Independence Day, to all!


Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day


On Memorial Day, we remember and honor all who died while serving their country. We ask that everyone pause for a moment and consider the courage and sacrifice required to put oneself in harm’s way to protect the rights and liberties of others. On Monday, May 26, Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

At PRIDE Industries, we create jobs for people with disabilities. An important part of our mission is serving those who have served. Through our mission, we serve veterans who return with physical, emotional, and mental scars which create obstacles to employment and self-sufficiency. We also work to provide opportunity for those who simply have difficulty rejoining the workforce. We welcome our returning veterans and on this Memorial Day, we honor our fallen heroes.

Happy Memorial Day to all.