Top 10 of 2016

Happy New Year!

We value and appreciate those who visit, share, and comment on the stories we post. As one year ends,  we welcome the next, and look back at the posts you liked and shared the most throughout 2016.

Top posts for 2016:
iStock_000057740652_Full  10. Choose Your Path With PRIDE
American flag outdoors in a meadow on july 4th.  09. Independence: An opportunity for All
PRIDE Youth Services _ Melissa04  08. A New Perspective on Life
PRIDE Industries _ D Ramsey _ Los Angeles AFB  07. PRIDE is Like Family
PRIDE Industries_JeanineM  06. A Meaningful Alternative
PRIDE Industries_MsAlice  05. What I can Do
PRIDE Industries _ Charlie01  04. Can You Believe It?
PRIDE Industries _ Joey  03. An Opportunity for Meaningful Employment
pride-industries-_-richard_w  02. Feels Like I Never Left
PRIDE Industries_Dani  01. The Power of a Support Team
Thank you again,  we look forward to sharing more amazing stories in 2017!

PRIDE’s top 10 blog posts of 2015

Happy New Year! We’re so happy you have been here to visit, share, and comment on the stories we have shared. As one year ends, and we welcome the next, we look back at the posts you enjoyed the most.
PRIDE’s blog top posts for 2015 include the story of a job coach, numerous PRIDE program participants, and, of course, individuals who inspire us every day.

PRIDE Industries _ Ashley02


10. Success is a Journey


PRIDE Industries Employee Mynor McCray.


09. Helping People With Disabilities Succeed



PRIDE Industries Employee Ramon Telles at work in the warehouse.


08. Survival and Perseverance


PRIDE Industries_Internship program_ Sean


07. PRIDE Industries’ Employment Services Internship Program



PRIDE Industries employee Kristopher Arneson working in electronics.


06. Abilities Not Disabilities


PRIDE Industries_Fort Rucker WB


05. Opportunities for Success



PRIDE Industries Andy E 01


04. I Have Always known That I Was Capable


PRIDE Industries Intern Josh


03. Providing Meaningful Opportunities


American Heroes II


02. Employment Services for Veterans



PRIDE Industries employee Connie Lewis.


01. Finding Meaning and Pride


Thank you for visiting and we look forward to bringing you new favorites in 2016.


Happy New Year!

For nearly 50 years, PRIDE Industries has been guided by a single mission focus: creating jobs for people with disabilities.

All of us at PRIDE Industries appreciate the role our customers, partners, employees, friends, and supporters play in helping people with disabilities succeed. Your contributions and dedication make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

As we reflect on the year, we asked PRIDE employees to share with us what their job means to them. The response was overwhelming. View below.

Thank you for your support throughout 2014, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year filled with opportunity for all.